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Wednesday was our team's planning day. I was very engaged. We are in a bit of an emergency state and i probably managed and directed far more than appropriate in good scrum, but ... I think i was fairly even keeled. I probably still had anger seething around.

Dinner was a bit of a debacle, dining at a nearby Szechuan for people who know Szechuan hole in the wall. Christine was put off, and her safe choice was loaded with garlic. I didn't feel i could handle spicy, so ... what was i doing there?

I'm trying to give Christine pulses of time to release all of her pent up pain and anger from her trip back east. She's carrying so much. She doesn't feel her current therapist can help. We're thinking she could see the somatic experiencing therapist i saw. I know i could very easily be suffering from myopia as the therapist was so transformative for me (i don't know if i would have made it through the past years). There's no guarantee she'll be as effective for Christine. And i remember how strange and hard the work was.

Yesterday i made sure the Vice President had a good understanding that (1) we were understaffed in the QA department (2) we are understaffed with DBAs and (3) we have a lurking technical issue that we can't duplicate and we don't know why it went away.

I think the fact that he asked questions about issues that i have been working on resolving made me feel a little "seen." On the other hand, the way he asked the questions did make me think New Director might... oh well. No matter.


I'm trying to clean up my Amazon hosted blog. Many of my old grey-cat blog entries apparently transferred from my archive to the server as a file name and 0 bytes. I'm not sure what that's about. Last night, file names starting with zero, through all the numbers, through a to bead transferred as 0 bytes. Categories seem to work so the category entries on the sidebar at http://www.grey-cat.com/ATC/index.php/category/uncategorized/ work. Yay.


This week at the water feature at the office: gulls, ducks, probably some coots, and a snow egret fishing. The walkway to where i usual observe has been blocked by trucks, and i'm starting to take the stairs in the morning to the fifth floor. In the evening, there's sunglitter on the water, blinding me, as i try to observe the ducks.

Maybe i can motivate myself to get out for a midday walk as the autumn flyway opens for business.

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