E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Yesterday i bought the lens adapters i have been considering. Umbrellas, scale-rope, folding rules, lens adapters, light tent, and goosenecks and clamps[1] all ordered in the past week, essentially. Next step: where to put it all? Not just at home, but in the field.

[1] I'll need to get clamps for the other end of the gooseneck, but the nice thing is that i'll be able to rig just the spring tension i'll need for holding a plant still. I'm thinking a clothes pin may be gentle enough.


Last night's install took almost four hours. Which is ridiculous. Christine got terribly blue as we went to bed: i don't know how much was about her last words about worrying about me. The ordering of camera equipment isn't going to solve this, but does, at least,...

gah. work issues.

Tags: morning writing, work

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