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Last night i went to a gathering of the native plant society. It was very haphazard and definitely not something arranged for newbies. I was OK, got to Jepson guide online, and i fell in love with the microscopes. I did my best to help the other newbie, and i can imagine that is not welcoming on average. However, my introversion appreciated the lack of attention to me, i felt happy to help the other newbie, and as i warmed up to participating, i think i began to fit in. Afterwards, i was gently quizzed by a past president of the organization, and then briefed on more background on everyone there.

Another microstep towards a new future, perhaps.

I'm having a hard time holding faith that there is a future there, but i do feel the wonderful sensation of having right priorities for the first time in years.


This morning i helped with the Meeting's preparation for the rummage sale and festival in a month.

After brunch/lunch with Christine and a bit of time fiddling with photos of a primrose, i was very ready for a nap and slept quite soundly.

And, ugh, this primrose -- it had six petals when the typical one has five. So it does not do well standing in for other plants.


I was playing with a color palette for the primrose "book," when Christine showed off to me the jQuery mobile "Theme roller." Colors for the iPad app!

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