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I received a notice that a Quaker i haven't seen in ... eight? nine? years had endorsed me on Linked In. I find the endorsements all odd: it's some weird game that different people play in different ways. Could this person really endorse some technical skill of mine?

It drew my attention to my Linked In profile, and i realized how much i hate it, as it represents the management skills i felt i ought to highlight. My first thought was to make a new profile, but as Linked In uses all sorts of network analysis, unless i start with EVERYTHING fresh, i fear that my Whale colleagues will be presented with, "Do you know these people?" and see my alter ego sitting there. (Mainly because my alter ego was presented with my boss in the moments after setting up.)

I nuked the alter ego.

I did a little fiddling with the tagging feature offered for connections, and have identified that 1/8th of my connections (even after deleting some) are currently employed by the Whale. The network of people who might comment to my current colleagues is even larger.

Suddenly i saw a way to do what i want: having deleted my "headline" that highlighted my interest in management ("team builder") i replaced it with "Weekend botanist and photographer." I added the photo of myself hiking that i am using across other social media. I reorganized the page so my work experience is at the bottom of the page. The "Organizations" section allows you to call out roles, so i'm noting my stream keeping and work at Meeting. I've linked photos from Flickr. I've listed last weekend's workshop.

So now i see a way to use LinkedIn in a way non-threatening to my current employment: use it to network for "volunteer" positions. When i finish my borage book, i can add that. And as Christine and i develop the apps, i can add those. It will put my interests first as i network around the native plant communities and photography communities.

Fingers crossed.


Meanwhile, Tuesday the team solved yet another issue in production and spent all their energy tracking down an issue in our testing environment. The issue ran away and it was not witnessed yesterday. I couldn't find the log message that i had thought was a sign of the issue when i looked back at the early reports, and we couldn't find it associated with our last documented observation. In fact, the logs were clean. So yesterday everything was put in debug mode and we pounded the system, trying to get it to scream.

It hasn't.

This is distressingly similar to the issue we had with production that went away with a "fix" that has no reason to fix anything.

On Tuesday, the director of our product division screamed and cursed at my director (engineering division) in the midst of the open plan offices. The new president has been in place just two months now, and i'm sure everyone is wondering what he is thinking about this debacle. Having the festering infection of dysfunction open and obvious will hopefully allow it to be treated. The other president just seemed to plaster it over.

The stress is pretty clear though.

Other than working hard, i've been trying to thank people. Not gratuitously, but honestly. Email to people's managers, thanks to folks on my team directly.

I think i have an idea about how to work with our product analyst to capture more clear details that may help reduce some of the fragility.

Tomorrow is the post mortem, and as our errors were highly visible, i expect that i will need to be grounded for the discussion.


As part of my consciously acknowledging the good performance going on around me, i noticed some ... respect? that New Director sent my way in some meetings yesterday. The sudden sense that he is working WITH me intentionally is quite welcome. We will see if he can follow up, but i am acknowledging that he is acknowledging that i have a clue to which he should listen.

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