E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Monday morning i wrote:

More kit foxes:

Christine is back east: her mother's situation (billing for the rehab, etc) doesn't sound easy. And her mother doesn't sound happy: apparently she's stopped eating. I didn't hear Christine say anything to imply that she may stay longer, or that her mother may be dying, but it's certainly where my thoughts have gone after this morning's phone call.

Quarterly install yesterday went mostly OK: i woke at 1, and we were done just after 7. I dozed some, and then had a lazy day, until 3:30. It was just beginning to get stuffy warm, and a colleague called with a serious issue that we didn't wrap up until 8:30 or so.


And then the serious issue reared back and bit us and i've been pouring myself into it until about 4 pm today -- and the worst problem just stopped happening. Just stopped.

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