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Yesterday's attendance of the Moravian worship was an interesting experience. I haven't sung so much in years, and that seems to have broken a fear or a frozen bit of myself. I may join our meeting's singing before worship since the roof didn't fall down over my voice. I have an idea that perhaps the two groups could sing together.

It's a thought.

The language was heavily Christocentric, but i was surprised how easily i could translate to my experience. On the other hand, the elements of threat and focus on the negative are now foreign to me. The minister preached love and peace but focused on how jealousy and hate destroy. Instead of the joys and liberation of simplicity, the minister discussed debt and the distraction of maintaining stuff.

If yours is a faith of transformation, then preach the vision to be. No need to show the outcome of the un-transformed life: it surrounds us. If you cannot express the vision of transformation, why should anyone do the work to be transformed?


Yesterday afternoon my joint in one of my right fingers started aching again. Hrmph. I don't think it's injured, and i'm left pondering whether i should do anything about it. I know my Dad's advice via my mother's father about arthritis: both of these advocates for not doing anything are not to be trusted.

On the other hand, the ache isn't really occurring when i do one thing or another, just in reflexive closing of my hand. I didn't crochet yesterday, so i'm not sure if there's any relationship there.


I spent a couple hours installing an open source GIS package on my laptop yesterday. Inspired by the apparent career transitions of the speaker on Friday night, i realized my GIS skills are rusty and old. Use or loose, so perhaps i should start using. Christine looked on, noting the package of all the applications takes about ten minutes to install on windows. However, i think it's installed correctly, and it starts up at least.

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