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Yesterday morning Christine and i had a foot fete: we took a nice walk out at shoreline and then i went and bought proper walking shoes. I probably should have done them in reverse order, but it was already bright and sunny when we started. We had a pleasant walk, and both of us wore sun hats, but i think we both got a bit too much sun. In the afternoon Christine had an emotional crash and i felt quite drained. No doubt there was an emotional feedback loop that was not helping my energy rebalance.

Swallow in flight

I took the camera and telephoto, this time, thinking back to how in early July there were so many herons and egrets around the shoreline. This time, the lake seemed nearly bird free, and it wasn't until we got to the salt water ponds -- where the light was at all the wrong angles -- that i could find some targets.

I do not know what's going on here

My sleep last night was interrupted by a 2 am phone call. I checked work email on my phone, wondering if something was up, and then got myself back to sleep. My morning was groggy, and i still feel a little out of sync.

I've finished going through yesterday's photos. I felt disappointment at many of them: i was at the limit of my lens, i think, and certainly could have used the tripod instead of the monopod. Now that i've pared them down to a small set, though, i'm rather pleased.

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