E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

From Friday adternoon

Happy Friday to me. Started work at 6 am so quittin' time is quickly approaching -- which is good because my brain is quittin' already.

Last evening i had a lovely time with my nephews and sister in law. We walked to downtown Mountain View, which had shutdown main street so folks could walk around. There were a variety of entertainments -- a loud rock band, vintage cars, ladder truck and a fireman explaining all his gear, kid games, a drum circle.... Enough of a crowd to be festive and summery, not too crowded as to be crazy.

We took the kids to the used bookstore so they could pick out some kids books. The DVD rack had a movie about Penis Puppetry that one of the boys immediately picked up. Oy! Suddenly the racks of used DVDs ceased being simply an obstacle between us and the kids section as it turned into a minefield. I had a glimmer of understanding of the complexities of parent-vision.


Watching the birds and squirrels on the deck. Wonderfully mild in the shade.

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