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Yesterday i dug through the piles of paper that have accumulated in the "deal with it later" folder. I found myself doing more than that, and now i have a stack of unopened office supplies for the rummage sale at the Meeting's fundraiser. Christine also has received a stack of supplies that she might be more likely to use than i.

One observation is regarding my stashing away things that i could reuse instead of throw out. I now have more stuff than i am likely to be able to ever reuse. A drawer was stuffed with cellophane and plastic zip bags. I purged all the ratty ones. I'm beginning to realize the cost of hanging on to stuff. I keep looking over at the harmonica collection: let it go? (It's so small, though.) Meanwhile, my mother started talking to me about furniture she wants to give me. Good heavens.

Others have written recently about their return to paper organizers. This trip through a couple office drawers reminded me of all the different formats i have used, too. My first organizers in college were designed by me, drawn out by hand to show my course schedule and then copied, hole punched, and put into binders. Since then i've used Daytimer's pre-printed things, but i was always frustrated by having to transcribe and copy, over and over. I used Levenger's Circa and printed and punched my own content. Then i used zip-binders that work with comb binding systems. Then there was the 3x5 card season where i marked up permanent thing on the 3x5 cards and used a variety of clips and postit notes for the changes.

Evernote and digital devices like my smart phone have replaced all the previous efforts, finally.

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