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Not quite as long a day yesterday, but with the commute (which was really quite speedy at the hour i left work) it was very long. One of the low points: I had a chat with a staff person that was very honest and put the person above my commitment to the company. I don't think the person will take my confidence much further than the room. I wish i had the tools to stand up to the management pressures i receive: the best i can do is turn the HR tools against the idiots. Unfortunately, that still means my staff get exposed to the microscopic reviews.

We've had the new president around for two months now, and he's been president for going on three weeks. Someone told me that his body language agrees with what he's saying, which makes me shudder to think to whom he's being compared in our executive suite. I've no idea when his listening tour will reach us.

Christine motivated us to do one of the things on my condition of enoughness list before the end of the day: that was good. I'm just going to hope that i can get in some exercise today.

It's cooled off, so lounging on the deck in the evening means one would need to bundle a bit. Note that my sense of bundle means wearing socks and long sleeves and covering my legs.

Last night Edward managed to entertain with physical stunts that don't survive a written retelling. We were moving a few things around in the bedroom and, as soon as a mysterious gap had opened, Edward was halfway down it. Christine went to scoop him out of our way, but claws extended as Edward tried to keep his head down in the dark place to explore. If it were a cartoon, Edward would have stretched like pulled taffy. Moments later Edward attempted to leap on the dresser (which is rather high). There was a stack of clothes, and he scrambled on top of them, the clothes moving out from under his feet, but he stayed stationary relative to the dresser as the clothes shot out behind him -- much like when the roadrunner starts running and the asphalt piles up in buckles behind him. It was good to laugh.

This dull retelling is brought to you by a bunch of folks who didn't let me know that they wouldn't be at the 7:30 am meeting.

There is so much wrong about this job. Thus i immediately turn my attention to my joy:

Christine has gotten the iPad app certificates working so she could install a test application. More progress on the iPad app to come this week. I've got six sample structure questions and a sketch of an abstracted plant in Evernote. Christine finds the questions challenging, and, admittedly, this set of questions is more for me to learn the structure terms -- but would someone like to read the multiple choice questions as they are?

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