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So, i didn't do laundry or exercise last night. This falls into the category of Not News, but i'm logging it just the same. I don't think the checkbox in my records of to-dos has the emotional impact of writing out that i didn't meet my condition of enoughness. Instead, i came home and sat on the deck, pouted a bit about the day -- power outages, grumpy colleagues, bad traffic events -- caught up on personal email and journal posts, and then ate dinner while watching a mystery with Christine.

Trying again today.


In reading notes, over the holiday i reread five novels of the Liaden Universe. From the "Great Migration Duology", Crystal Soldier and Crystal Dragon. I had a strong memory of the very beginning and very end, but little of the middle details.

Then i read Balance of Trade, which i really don't think i read before. I could have bought it, saving for a trip, and have gotten distracted by other reading. The sequel to this book is coming out this fall, so i shall be prepared.

I started on the "Agent of Change" sequence, reading Local Custom and Scout's Progress. Scout's Progress was decidedly fresh to my mind, but i remembered Local Custom. I believe i read the novels later in the universe-time first, so those are stronger in my memory.

In the audiobook queue is "Who Could That Be at This Hour?" by Lemony Snicket. It's an odd little mystery, clearly for children yet so wildly fantastic and rich that i am happy to listen.

In the slow reading lanes are Tik-Tok of Oz (L. Frank Baum) and the nonfiction book about American gardens, American Eden (Wade Graham). I also acquired William Shakespeare's Star Wars by Ian Doescher. The hardback from Amazon is very pleasant to hold, although the paper does feel rather pulpy. I don't know how good a judge of paper quality i am, but given the price at Amazon, i do not feel cheated in any way. The illustrated book cover is a delight, the monologs of R2-D2 just fabulous. There's a rather extensive review by John Jorgensen at Amazon that is quite complete.

On the back burner is quite a list. I started Thunderstruck ( Erik Larson) in March as an Overdrive audiobook. I've got it on hold again to complete. It's an odd little nonfiction book combining the biography of Marconi's discovery of wireless with a true crime story. I probably should review that back burner list, all the things in evernote with the tag @Reading.

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