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Yesterday's drive in was under overcast skies. The buckeye at my work exit is dropping its leaves in preparation for its summer rest. The female ruddy duck was at the water feature, leaving me to wonder about where her solitary persistence, and to reflect on the single scaup that the building manager and I had been remarking on the previous several weeks.

The mild weather is such a relief.

No power this morning: that makes me a bit grumpy. It went out moments before 6am. PG&E says the power will be back by 9:30. I do wonder if that's under promising or if it will really take that long. I made tea with the camp stove, checked email on the phone. I'm a little frustrated that i can't be sure of a synchronized to do list, which would be what i'd want to reflect on now in the absence of reading news and such. Life goes on.

Yesterday was a touch fraught as my counterpart was also back from vacation and frantic about an incident that was stopping work and was going on much of the day. I attended to that instead of my to do list.

I eventually got home. I skipped the laundry, but Christine and I had our meeting to discuss the app. That was a pleasure. We had talked last week, but hadn't logged a meeting for a while. We discussed what was next in our paths, did a little design refinement on how the quiz works, and retired for a video and then to bed.

Tonight, the long procrastinated laundry and some exercise!

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