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I was turned down by iStock photography for topical instead of technical reasons (ie: flower photos not needed). It's OK, as far as i'm concerned, because i'm not doing stock photography right now. I suppose i will still pull ten shots together for shutterstock, but - again - not holding my breath.


No laundry done yesterday, but i did complete one of the two nightgowns i'm making. The bodice is crocheted and knitted, made up as i went along, with my first attempts at shaping with increases and decreases in the knitting. It's a C or D quality in the knitting, but as an experiment, quite a success. (I hate ribbing.) I cut out and seamed the skirt with the goal of using as much of the fabric as i could. I didn't do a particularly good job there, either, as i figured the quality shouldn't surpass that of the top. I am very happy with the design, made up wholesale by myself.The fabric of for the skirt was a rectangle that had a long side 2*N+X. I folded it in half twice and cut it at an angle so that stitching the five panels together i would create a top circumference of N, flaring out to a much larger circumference. It works quite nicely! I would have thought that the straight edges of the panels would not look even -- and i had decided i wouldn't care -- but it actually looks quite even.

The second nightgown's bodice is in progress. This one has a crocheted collar line, and a raglan design with a knit lace. The knitted increases at the corners are not so great. On some corners they are even, but other corners have mis-stitches and irregularly large gaps. I began experimenting with crocheting the corners every few rows and then knitting around the crocheted increases. The lace and the straight lines look good, though. I'm just knitting the armholes together at the join: i think a crocheted stitch would have been wiser. The knot wouldn't stretch as much as the knit stitches.


I'm ready to go back to work, although not looking forward to it. It's the interactions with people that dismays me: i could stand a month of hermitage, i think. On the other hand, i wonder if my emotional shields drop so much that i forget how to balance engagement with others. I closed meeting yesterday, and the speaking at the end seemed to wipe me out.

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