E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Yesterday evening Edward came home with a dead but still warm robin nestling. I will assume that's the source of the other bird bits. Selfishly, i am relieved that the bird was not a feeder visitor. I regret that Edward is not an inside cat: why can't he stay on the deck like the other two? But he's been wandering the complex long before we adopted him. Thus, he's a menace to songbirds. Christine and i both had a bit of a heart ache. We insisted he stay in the evening and not roam.

The day was not the productive day i was looking for, although i have applied to submit photos to iStock photo. This took hours. I don't think i'm good enough, but we'll see. I need a portfolio of ten to submit to shutterstock. They aren't as demanding as far as the 15 question quiz that iStock demands. On the other hand, reading the guide to submitting iStock images has helped me understand how to improve some of the technical issues in my photos.

We spent a good bit of the afternoon shopping. Christine is taking an art class, and decided to buy locally. I'll note that the paint brushes at the store were NOT well marked with prices and she is now the rather aghast owner of some rather excellent "heirloom quality" water color brushes. Me, i was looking for cheap ones. I managed to leave the store only with a watercolor sketch book that i will abuse with acrylics. My thought, almost the whole time, was "Geeze, acrylics are so much easier and versatile!" The other thought was how i have tools from almost every section of the art store: i need to use or loose.

It has blessedly cooled down.

I suppose i'm ready to get back in the swing of things with this weekend. I do want my iPad back. I have a surprising number of to-do items for which i use it.

Tags: birdfeeder, cats, morning writing, photography

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