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The weekend slipped with a disorienting long twilit evening after watching The Avengers in the heat of the day. I slept incredibly soundly, and had a hard time remembering what day it was on waking. As i look east, i see a golden haze through the eucalyptus, and it reminds me of Florida. Partly, i realize, because we are missing the usual morning marine layer: the familiar summer mornings of this locale is simply grey. The golden haze filtering through the trees seems like a quality of morning light in humid skies, and the reports indicate that is over 70% humidity.

Unlike Florida, as the morning goes on, our humidity will drop away as the heat rises, It's going to be another day in the mid 90s, and we have two more to look forward to. I suppose we won't get the blinds up until the holiday. I did use bungee cords to pull the current blind out, more like an awning or a tent yesterday. I think it kept the deck a little cooler, longer, and the breeze was able to ease the heat as well. When Christine & i went in at 3 pm, the deck seemed to me to be about the same as inside, and then after 6 when we returned to the deck, it was deliciously cool outside.

I haven't ordered the evaporative cooler. ...and now find that Best Buy is sold out of the model i was considering. Christine says she hopes they all went to Caliente, NV (which set record highs yesterday).


On Saturday I doodled four stylized plants from which i can develop multiple questions about descriptive terms. I worked on our plant quiz questions yesterday. I'll surely need to draw more sketches to show different plant parts as i go, but just working on one of the sketches was productive enough. My first attempt at the questions was not particularly effective: over complex and hyper technical. From the work to make that one question, i'm now in the midst of making single focus questions. Christine says she's made good progress of the software logic.

The first question pulled the experience i have of reading the plant descriptions and looking at my photos. "Inflorescence: umbel or 1–2-flowered, axillary, generally peduncled, often bracted. " I end up keying out the words just as much as the plant itself. Instead of a full description of the inflorescence as the quiz question, i'll focus on single aspects such as whether there are bracts or not.

Slow going, and, again, i feel a sense of hubris: who am i to try and do this? But here we are: i've something that brings me joy, Christine has been reading educational materials theory for a couple of years and learning to build apps. It's a good partnership.


Off to work, hopefully to find all going well. I so want to take Wednesday off, but i can't tell if i will be able to.

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