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Release planning week. Little frustrated that the prioritization on the board has no resemblance to the prioritization in my counterpart's mind. Hope they fix that this morning.
I'd hoped we could do more small team work, partly to ease things for my quiet colleagues, partly to let some folks have more leadership than others. However, that wasn't a hit. Pondering.


Rain here. Rain! Mercury news headline: "A June 'Monsoon'?" Christine notes the article reports that June 2011 accumulated 2 inches during the second wettest June on record (with four days of recorded rain).

Looking at the Wunderground weather history for Moffett Field: the trace of rain on Sunday set the record for precipitation on that date, but yesterday's .02 inches didn't surpass the 1975 .06 inches. Looking at the data for SJC, yesterday's .04 did not surpass the .15 inches in 1912, nor did Sunday's trace surpass the 0.05 inches in 1912.

Of course, given the year to date accumulation of 2.24 inches (compared to an average of 9.88 inches at SJC) the month's accumulation of .08 inches at SJC is ... less than 4% of the total.

Our colleagues from Ohio seem to not mind. Meanwhile, i find it terribly humid.

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