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Oh no. The half kilogram of new China tea produces a mighty acidic brew, nothing like the keemun i favor. Looks like milk in the morning tea for a while. (And i may be asking if anyone wants the tea, once i see what it is again.)

Also, my laptop has been trying to repartition the external firewire drive and failing. I finally aborted so i could type on my machine before work today.

I've spent the quiet of this morning looking at the details for Sunol regional wilderness: gate opens at 8 am (so leaving at dawn is unnecessary), plant list, maps, and podcast. This should be a nice target to keep in mind this week.

Yesterday was a gently lovely day. Meeting was fine, but i knew i could not spare the energy to stay for Adult Ed. My dear friend leading the discussion understood, particularly when i explained my boss was in town this week. Home where Christine and i chatted about epistemology over lunch, and then about the design of the quiz for our app. I know have a better sense of how the questions should be structured. I spent some time knitting (knook) while listening to the Mary Russell story The Game, and as that story plays with the Kipling story Kim, i downloaded a Google Book version of Kim. Note to self: check with Gutenberg editions before going to google! Oh, the typos in the text! (On the other hand, illustrations. Hmm.) Christine ran the grocery errand alone while i finished a few household chores. Evening was our usual British mystery: this night we chose the next episode of Foyle's War.

While i am stressed when thinking about this week, particularly given an aside the vice president made about my boss' visit's purpose, i think i'm also doing a good bit of self care.

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