E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

From what i saw of our new corporate president at the Whale, he's going to be slow to reveal his leadership. The claim that he will listen first is promising, though, so we'll see.

Yesterday fried me. I felt pretty resentful as i put in a 12 hour day, but as soon as i closed my laptop and looked around me i was able to let go and delight in the evening. Canceling vacation on Monday only strengthens my sense of resentment, but until we have a rhythm of installs in place, i'm not sure what to do.

This morning i spent a very long time trying to identify mountain peaks along the sierra crest. It was not as productive as i hoped. I'm now dozy, and it's lunch time.

I've thought about how thankful i am for the work i did around issues with my parents. I can recall the grief and anger i felt about my mother, in particular, but now i feel so clear.

Now watching Airport, which originated the 1970s disaster film genre.

Tags: morning writing

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