E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Yesterday was a bit of a cascade of stress. I did clear up a communication gap with my product counterpart where i was taking a section of notes as an aspirational goal and he was taking them as engraved commitments.

One huge chunk of issues is due to the fact no one moved on the scheduling when i was on vacation, and that fact is obscured in my colleague's mind: he only sees "We're having problems with the last mile."

I pushed around paperwork all evening in a bit of a mental haze, and i've canceled my Monday vacation. I know this isn't the wisest of mental health moves; on the other hand, i've got to get ahead of the relentless steam roller because i don't see how to get out of its way until we've dealt with a huge backlog. I do need a frank chat with my scrummaster: he attends the engineering meetings that go on forever, and i wonder if that takes too much of his time.

Anyhow, big exhale from me about work.

I "shoulda" had an appointment with my career counsellor this week but i continue in my behind-ness.


Pissed. It may not be the actuality, but i feel like the build coordinator has just dumped something on me because he's gone off to attend the shindig with the new president. Rather annoyed that i was up late working, and i find this email at 7:18 for me to do crap before 9 am.

I'm somewhere between crying and quitting. I am not in position to quit, so i probably ought to have a good cry.

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