E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Christine is home, hurrah.

I did what i could on the performance appraisal last night. Off to New Director for his blandishments.

I had lunch with DW, who was a postdoc at the Philadelphia nuclear lab when i was there. He's moved on to the title of software engineer and seems happy enough with his gig. It was a little awkward: what do we talk about? I've lost touch with the field and people we knew in common. Still, pleasant to see him, and so i'll see about connecting via Facebook.

I've been reflecting on the cruelty born of curiosity documented in _Sea of Cortez_. There's a section where Ricketts and Steinbeck are invited to go hunting big horn sheep. The hunting trip involved no hunting by the Mexicans and their guests, while their native guides bring back only sheep droppings. The authors praise the outing, and say the only improvement would be to leave the guns out entirely, disdainfully remarking about hunters who need trophies. Back they go to their collecting hundreds of sea creatures, stunning and killing and preserving them.

I had a bit of dissonance after that section.

Work has been stressful with Urgent Issues both yesterday and Monday. I'll hope for time to regroup.

I'm taking Monday as vacation, i note.

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