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Moving at the Speed of Procrastination. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 3rd, 2013|08:04 pm]
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8 pm on the deck, the sun not quite set. Anna's hummingbirds feed at the scented geraniums and chase each other about. Goldfinches eat thistle seed, robins warble, California towhees hit their single note over and over. Crows call in the distance, and gulls cruise above the redwoods. I note the temperature (66.2 °F), sunset in 20 minutes, and wonder how quickly it will cool off.

I've a sweatshirt, jazz, tea and too much to do.

8:11 hummingbird checks out the lemon tree and the house finches "feeding." From the sound of the seed hitting the deck, i imagine them just tossing it out of the feeder. I've made it onto the VPN, onto the software control page and type while waiting for my approval to cycle.

8:16 Goldfinch at feeder. Distant robins. The highway sounds begin to dominate. A gull flies by catching the last red light. Sun still glows on the redwood bark.

8:20 four minutes to sunset and the goldfinch flies off. Robins are still singing.

8:26 Jazz and the highway and very distant crows. A robin whinnies around the corner. Mr M comes out on the deck to explore between the pots. It is remarkable how quickly the birds responded. It's dropped half a degree Fahrenheit.

8:44: airplanes, robins, and an insistant California towhee. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. Sky is still light, but colors are fading to silhouettes. The cats circle me on the deck. The glow of the solar garden lights now seems significant.

8:50 last tweet? Mr M nests in my lap.

8:54 Mr M gives up on my lap. A robin is still warbling in the far distance. The sky is still light with no stars. I keep hearing Edward's collar bell ring from the nearby sidewalk.

8:59 I toss a blanket over my lap.It's 64.5 °F. Two install plans done, two to go. Not going to get to my performance appraisal or monthly report today.

9:50 Stars are out. I've made a nice dinner and eaten it. I just heard a cat yowl and went down to find Edward facing off with a inky black cat.

10:17 I'm done. Had a lovely chat with Christine who will be home tomorrow, huzzah.


From: mopalia
2013-06-04 10:38 am (UTC)
I don't know what you're feeding your birds, but if there's a lot of throwing seed on the ground, your mix may be the problem. The standard mixes usually have a lot of medium sized red seeds, which are, I think, rape, which the birds hate (but they're cheap so they're used as filler). I got tired of waste and a mess to clean up, so I went to hulled millet (finches) and hulled sunflower seeds (chickadees) plus thistle in a sock, Virtually eliminated stuff on the floor. I also used this feeder: http://www.duncraft.com/Duncraft-Cling-a-Wing and this one: http://www.duncraft.com/Duncraft-Satellite-Feeder. The English sparrows can't get a foothold on either, which is nice if you're overrun by them.
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[User Picture]From: elainegrey
2013-06-04 02:20 pm (UTC)
Cute feeders! If and when the current one dies i'll think about those. We have a fairly classic tube with a heavy wire mesh around it. Squirrels have mostly given up: i saw the first attempt on it in ages a week or so ago. I gave up on thistle socks when the squirrels carried it off, and i'm back to a thistle feeder.

I haven't seen house sparrows for ages: house finches, gold finches, chickadees and the occasional oak tit are the usual customer. Recently, a Stellar's jay is visiting in the morning, getting all of Greycie Loo's attention.

I did switch to a cheaper feed, but had been using the "waste free" mixtures before. The Chickadees still seemed to be insistent on digging out certain seeds -- the sunflower seeds, i suppose from your point.
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From: mopalia
2013-06-04 05:51 pm (UTC)
yes, I think the only thing the chickadees care about is the black oil sunflower seeds. They (the chickadees, that is) are a favorite of mine, which is why I got them a dedicated feeder. When I lived in seattle and at the first apartment I had here, the English sparrows were the neighborhood bullies, so I got good at excluding them.
the little satellite feeders come in 3-packs, too, which is intriguing.

I know about squirrels - they will ravage those hanging feeders if they can get to them, so placement becomes critical.
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