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My personal computer is still in the hands of the apparently surly IT folks getting a new hard drive. Not sure what they are going to do about the partitioning of the disk.... I'm assuming i will be partitioning and configuring the machine again, obliterating what they insisted on doing.


Yesterday was an early work day. In the late afternoon and evening i relaxed by looking for where specimens of the first six species of Bay Area lupines have been found. Two species i have photos, two species seem decidedly rare, and two species have something like an antique observation and a current but unreliable observation and notes that these observations seem out of the plant's natural range.

I'm imagining writing an essay about "lost lupines of the Bay Area" in attempts to look for some of the observations. Already i have found a rant about one botanist who didn't believe in evolution and so just went about collecting "new species" in association with one species. Google books has presented me with the article that described one of these species for the first time.

I am tickled at the thought of driving slowly up Mt Hamilton in search of one plant. It's not a botanical survey, but it will be enough for a story, i hope. Similar adventures must be undertaken for many other species.


I did have an annoying moment with a colleague yesterday. I am trying to block out some of my mornings when i plan to drive in so i can have time for myself. He was a bit surly about the amount of time i had blocked out. I know it's bloody hard to schedule meetings between Europe and California, but i find the need for ME to be the flexible person to be frustratingly maddening.

Not that i have anyone to turn to. Maybe i will turn to my HR person. (Unlike some folks' workplace, my HR person is pretty good, and this is more of a general question about hours available not putting her in a place of having to choose sides.)

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