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Christine and i spent yesterday afternoon talking about our project and doing some initial work. "How shall i share the data?" is a huge question. I've figured out how to extract metadata in a semi usable form from Lightroom, and i owe Christine a data model. We've clarified visioning around the first pass of the app. I'm pretty excited.

Does anyone have any journaling friends who live in western North Carolina? I'm brainstorming about living there someday and would appreciate journaling connections. Western NC would be cooler during the summer miasma to which i have lost any acclimation, it would have a landscape that would foster continued wildflower and other botanical work, cheaper than here, closer to our families.

I decided during the trip and in these days after that were i not to have a job that involved management, it would mean that gift could be shared more with Meeting (wherever i was). It's kind of hard right now to imagine, but after the pleasant solitude of this week, mostly withdrawing even from here, i could imagine the interaction energy flowing instead of being squeezed from me.

Some trip photos after the cut
Dawn at South Tufa, Mono Lake

Zurich Station

Dust devils in Owens Valley

Owens Valley Clouds

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