E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

After work i came in off the deck. Midafternoon i dropped the blinds, but i think the sun that filtered through reddened my cheeks a bit. I spent hours knitting (with the knook, not needles) and watching things. First the mildly entertaining series Alphas, then Christine's delight, Star Wars III.

I'm doing an openwork pattern: lots of yarn overs and knit-togethers. It's intriguing to watch the shape of the openwork pattern take form, especially given that i'm not really following instructions anywhere at all. Note taking so if i ever want to try this again, i have a cue how to replicate - or not - this effortCollapse )

My parents have a three hour layover at SFO ....

and, zippity skippity, i got to see them.

Now i am on the deck with a good bit of the day gone and pondering what to do.

Tags: crochet, morning writing

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