E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

After work i came in off the deck. Midafternoon i dropped the blinds, but i think the sun that filtered through reddened my cheeks a bit. I spent hours knitting (with the knook, not needles) and watching things. First the mildly entertaining series Alphas, then Christine's delight, Star Wars III.

I'm doing an openwork pattern: lots of yarn overs and knit-togethers. It's intriguing to watch the shape of the openwork pattern take form, especially given that i'm not really following instructions anywhere at all. I'm not following the knooking instructions, because the instructions are harder than just looping through. The yarn loops are mostly like knitting. My stockinette mostly looks like real stockinette. It's holding together, except where i think i dropped a stitch. The yarn overs are where my penchant for doing my own thing probably will cost me, but part of me refuses to believe that the wrist twisting demonstration on youtube and my straight ahead effort makes a fundamental difference. If the whole thing comes unraveled, then i'll know. I'm sure if i diagrammed it i could prove to myself if my effort is as stable as following the directions.

I have completely ad libbed the neckline. I did mostly follow a crochet pattern for the crochet border. The knitting i'm doing is in the round and the lace pattern is for back and forth stitches. Knitting seems to have a much stronger sense of front and back than crochet stitches, so when one is working in rows -- Right to left, flip the fabric & right to left, flip the fabric... -- if the pattern is A B A B, not only do you have to change the order around to work in the round to B A B A, but you also have to use the mirror of the stitch. If B is knit, then you purl.

So, i'm doing this while only half paying attention, so heaven only knows if i would be able to replicate. Half way through yesterday evening i realized that i was increasing the end of each row by a stitch each row: we'll see how many corners were turned in a sensible manner.

I'm making a neck-down raglan sleeve pull-over until the yarn runs out, then i'll add the bamboo fleece as the rest of the tunic. This is a night gown, so i don't mind leaving the errors in place and learning from them that way.

My parents have a three hour layover at SFO ....

and, zippity skippity, i got to see them.

Now i am on the deck with a good bit of the day gone and pondering what to do.

Tags: crochet, morning writing

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