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Moving at the Speed of Procrastination. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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From Friday [May. 11th, 2013|08:06 am]

Oh my goodness, i only had one meeting today! Heaven!

I took it while sitting on the deck, birds fluttering overhead and humming birds coming over to check out the red dress i am wearing. I'ma little peeved at the chickadee: it tosses seeds out of the feeder until it gets whatever choice bit it wants and then flies off.

Tuesday through Wednesday felt like a long push, so i am thankful for an easy day.

The key will be not to let the lack of structure divert me from everything else.


Birds seen so far this morning: at least two distinct chickadees, pair of house finches, a California towhee, an Anna's hummingbird, an oak tit, and multiple goldfinches. The sun is creeping over the roof and my toes are warming up. It's actually been pleasantly brisk approaching just a little too cold.

juvenile or female goldfinches \\
adult male goldfinch\\
female house finches \\\
male house \\