E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

How many sapphire/cobalt blue clothing items can i acquire without it being weird?

With a Yule gift, i bought blue shoes and a blue sweater. With my birthday gift i bought a lovely blue and green jacket (that is OK with the blue shoes). I made a pair of sapphire blue crystal earrings.

The blue of this dress isn't quite right for the shoes, but might go with the jacket (or i may be pleasantly surprised when i get it). On the other hand, the waistline isn't where i've been happy to buy. There's a clearance dress in plum that may be a better buy.

Wearing dresses has been ... a revelation? I am generally quite comfortable in them, feel good in them, and find them far more pleasant to pull together than the black slacks uniform.

Other shopping ponderables include whether i want to buy a caper bush (but i also want a fig tree and that would be less expensive), and whether to invest in a year of http://www.myyogaonline.com/. I wish i could really believe that i was motivated by the "i've paid for this" motivation. I'm pretty clear that the only motivation i have for exercise is mental health. I'd even be "paid" money if i logged exercise (through the work wellness program).

I have a book on yoga at work and a collection of exercises i found for yoga at work -- but would it be easier to have the video coach? Ponder.

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