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Intense work days for the past few days, but i have worked from home. The past few days (Wednesday, Thursday, Frida) were intense with work, but at least i was working from home. Around two pm each day, when the email, messages, and calls die down, i've gone out on to the deck and sat in the sun. Yesterday, i even worked for a while in the sun.

I've been enjoying this cheese as a treat, intense and flavorful: http://www.sartoricheese.com/products/reserve-cheese/chai-bellavitano/

I've had a clever idea about how to get just the right underwear for under the dresses i've bought, for the summer when i don't want to wear tights or nylons: i've cut off nylons at the length i wanted and crocheted around the cut-off leg. The crochet is almost like reverse-garters. Just what i need without shopping! And a practical crochet project, woo-hoo!

I've discovered that i was born in the year Intel was founded, following a Tumblr thread about reposting "If you are older than Google." The thread i got had morphed into "Are you older than Apple?" I had fun using the category collections in wikipedia to examine what companies have founding dates in the 1960s: http://elainegrey.tumblr.com/post/48968992865/tumblngs-of-kj-reblog-this-if-youre-older-than

I'm enjoying our MLB subscription, but my heart is most delighted by the poetry of Naomi Shihab Nye in Honeybee. She has a very prosey style in some poems that i enjoy, and she narrates a wonder perspective in many of her poems. Does she have a blog? She reads them, if her poem is to be believed.

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