E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Do you hang out at DeviantArt?

I just made an account. Maybe it's a way to drive my doodles a bit.


I just went and played at Kiva. I've giving Kiva to my niece and nephews as gifts because i trust that by the time they all can do something with it, there might be a nice sum in there. My brother's family doesn't seem to engage with it: nonetheless one nephew has over a hundred dollars out in loans. I have just gone ahead and created the accounts, and manage the loans. My sister is happy to engage with the site, so i feel like it's a bit more of a meaningful gift to them.

At this time i've given 27 loans under my name, and i think i've taken the same hundred dollars and cycled it through so many times.

Tags: log, random

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