E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I am amazed, but i got some important things done this weekend. This is where important means milestones for me, perhaps, not in some global scope. We got out to the foot of Mission Peak and climbed a bit. I will need ankle braces before doing it again (or, you know, proper hiking boots), but we started on a goal we've been talking about.

On Sunday, i trimmed and wired and grafted, fiddling with my thoughts about espalier & pleaching, shaping large rambling scented geranium into a fan shape along the deck wall. The plant wasn't well treated over the winter, and i don't know how hearty it is. On the other hand, the scented geraniums grow like weeds on my deck so i hope all my naive slicing and binding works. I'm hoping for the branches to grow together into the interlaced fan shape for additional strength.

All my "conditions of enoughness" were met.

I've a meeting in twelve minutes, so must rush away.

Tags: garden, morning writing

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