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Up too late watching Gosford Park with which i was unfamiliar, but figured it was in the pile of British murder mysteries i have been turning to for entertainment these past four years. Well it didn't scratch the same mental itch, exactly: i suppose i will have to watch again if i really want to figure out how the young ladies maid figures out the murderers. I did pick out a number of details before the reveal, but i had turned to the above link early on and had the blackmailer reveal spoilered. I turned there because all the above stairs folks except for Maggie Smith looked the same and many of the below stairs staff were also lumped. I do not mentally file names well and having the cheat sheet of characters did help me a bit.

Chatting with Christine, we discuss subtleties of the plot reveals. She too doesn't know how the young ladies maid figures it out. The wikipedia article doesn't say, so i do wonder if there *is* a clue other than the valet's absence. I suppose that the subtleties, the undercurrents, the insinuations are part of the theme of the movie.

Laurence Fox, Sargent Hathaway in an Oxford murder mystery series, did not get enough screen time at all. Helen Mirren could have stood more time in my druthers, as well.

Actually, if there had been more time with SOMEBODY....


A blessing or curse of the iPad is that it means i don't have skype on as soon as i awaken. I pick it up and read for a bit as i would read on my computer, but my availability isn't broadcast as it is with skype. As most folks did not bother me unnecessarily, i has been a benefit to provide a quick bit of advice and have issues resolved before i arrive at the office.

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