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A late afternoon walk to Edgewood Friday was a rather long day. Early morning meetings, i'd forgotten the power supply for my new work laptop so i had to drive in, and i was in the midst of troubleshooting several production issues and couldn't attend a Meeting committee meeting.

In my initial plan of the day, which assumed i would have to go in for the power supply, i planned to take a nice long break at Edgewood. By the time i actually arrived, i had thirty minutes. i set a timer for fifteen minutes and started walking uphill, passing flowers and thinking, "Maybe there are better stands to shoot ahead." There were plenty of flowers but no particularly amazing vistas like i saw in mid April last year. I turned back at fifteen minutes, but, of course, paused to take photos. I'm actually even more pleased with some of the photos i took of goldfields this year: they are tiny golden flowers that grow in swathes and carpets. Capturing the impression i get from them has been hard, but the somewhat abstract golden glow of this photo points at how wonderful they can be. The best landscape image i saw was marred by the water district's chain link fence.

A late afternoon walk to Edgewood

So, i was late heading to the psychiatrist, and the difference in the ten minute delay introduced another ten minute traffic delay. As i got out of the car to rush in, i locked my keys in the car. I texted Christine, had my "session" (we mainly discussed the behavior of the mail order drug company), and then i called Christine who hadn't seen the texts.

I walked around, listening to my audio book, while Christine met up with me. We then went out for dinner, trying again "The Pineapple Grill and Bar," a somewhat odd restaurant with a nice outdoor patio. Other reviewers had commented on the somewhat confusing decor: is this a causal place where you order at the counter or are they trying for white table cloth? The name and patio torches say "tropical food" but the menu says Mediterranean/Greek. I could see the causes of the confusion as well. Nonetheless, we had a lovely time. The food was good and beautifully presented. I started with a basil gimlet from the cocktail menu, then we split the crab cake appetizer, which had enough greens to be a salad as well. Christine ordered the shrimp avocado salad, and i splurged on wheat and had the farmer's market flat bread. We followed with desert, and i had the baklava. The weather was just warm enough to be pleasant outdoor seating, and the twilight was delightful. As darkness fell, they turned on a flood light on the patio, which rather ruined the mood. Fortunately, we were leaving.

White Peacock - Anartia jatrophae
White Peacock - Anartia jatrophae

Yesterday morning i worked a little on my career clarity work, and "developed" my photos, identifying flowers, birds, and butterflies from my walk on Friday (Edgewood) and in Florida (Colt Creek State Park). Posting flower photos to facebook might have been cruel to all those east who were dealing with a late March snow.

I read a free Kindle Sci Fi novel yesterday and rode the bike on the trainer for 25 minutes, but not much else. In the late afternoon i felt oddly disconnected and out of it: i think part of it is just the relief from work stress and pressures.

Not sure how well i will spend today, but i am relieved that the season of east coast travel is over for me -- that it comes in the season when i would most like to turn inward and reflect is an issue. The season of light is here, and i want and desire a movement towards something more fresh and invigorating in my life. Now to make that happen.

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