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I am thankful for my "birthday tea," Mélange de Chamonix: "fine… - Moving at the Speed of Procrastination. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 21st, 2013|06:27 am]
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I am thankful for my "birthday tea," Mélange de Chamonix: "fine India tea is blended with cocoa, cardamom, and a hint of cinnamon." Its fragrance delights me in the early morning as i make my pot.
I am thankful for Christine and her thoughtfulness: she seems to focus on taking care of me when her own goals slip away. She's negotiating with our landlord about replacing our carpets. I have looked at the Flor carpet tiles in the past and she found them again.

I am thankful for most of my colleagues: warm, honest, and supportive folks.

Dear Tumblr,

I just don't know what to post to you. I'm sorry that there's so much going on in your space, and i can't seem to participate.

Stuck in the Mud,


I appear to be on a hormonal upswing and i have discovered antihistamines yet again, so i think i may be getting a groove back. Is it just coincidence this low follows travel or is it a consistent effect? I have a hard time believing it's coincidence time after time. I have such a chalenge with time-habits; place habits seem so much easier. It seems that travel disrupts me so and then i have to start anew, and at the same time i am "recovering," demotivated and disorganized.

I suspect it's getting easier over the years as i recognize patterns and work to balance them.

Meanwhile i am developing odd skin irritations. I am beginning to be worried about bed bugs in one of the hotels i was in, as the irritations don't seem like my usual skin irritations. One particularly odd inflammation on my neck certainly matches a cheery google image search. I will be highly irritated if i brought them home (literally and figuratively). In fascinating Wikipedia reading, apparently bedbugs were suggested as a treatment for hysteria.


[User Picture]From: mopalia
2013-03-21 03:24 pm (UTC)
Had a bout with bedbugs in India - the bed in the hospital I went to with malaria was infested with them. Easy to deal with there - put the mattress and bed up on the roof for a day, and the heat kills the little vermin. Not so easy here. I can see where they'd be a good treatment for hysteria - when you figure out you have bedbugs, you're too hysterical about that to be hysterical about anything else. The tell-tale sign here was pinpricks of bloodspots on the bedding, so unless you're seeing something like that, it's too soon to panic. (You don't see this in hotels, because the linen is changed daily.)

Really, not the most uplifting post I've ever put on LJ.

I read a while ago about calculating the true time cost of a trip - include the disruption/anxiety leading up to it, plus the aftermath/wind-down after it. Frequently, I found that the before anxiety and after disorientation were much longer than the trip, and sometimes severe enough to make me want to just stay home. I actually run into the same problem thinking about shopping for clothes. ;)
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[User Picture]From: elainegrey
2013-03-24 03:26 pm (UTC)
Your explanation of the hysteria treatment is exactly what i concluded. If the welts are bedbugs -- and my skin has all sorts of reactive behaviors that could be other explanations -- i'm trusting they were in the Chicago hotel, where i had no luggage. I'm trusting i didn't bring them home.

I'm getting better about the before trip disruption, particularly if it's just me leaving, but the aftermath remains hard. And, yes, there have been events i didn't go to just because the disruption didn't seem worth it. Cross continental flights seem the main barrier. Road trips in California don't seem to have the cost.
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[User Picture]From: annie_r
2013-03-21 11:18 pm (UTC)
Didn't you steam clean the carpets somewhat recently? or was that a few years ago by now? I remember the posts about moving your furniture out and then back in.
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[User Picture]From: elainegrey
2013-03-24 03:20 pm (UTC)
It seems recently to me, but it was several years ago - May of 2010. After the carpet cleaning we had several vacuum incidents: the roomba failing, the other vacuum burning out, not being able to get a new vacuum (that was a good value per consumer reports) for a month.

We still have stuff stacked up from that reorganization: i'm not excited about another. Yet, the carpet looks horrible. Between the cats' digestive misadventures and Edward's adventures outside through all sorts of stuff (the roofing project led to him -- or us -- tracking spots of tar over the carpet), the carpets are hideously tracked.
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