E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I am thankful for my "birthday tea," Mélange de Chamonix: "fine India tea is blended with cocoa, cardamom, and a hint of cinnamon." Its fragrance delights me in the early morning as i make my pot.
I am thankful for Christine and her thoughtfulness: she seems to focus on taking care of me when her own goals slip away. She's negotiating with our landlord about replacing our carpets. I have looked at the Flor carpet tiles in the past and she found them again.

I am thankful for most of my colleagues: warm, honest, and supportive folks.

Dear Tumblr,

I just don't know what to post to you. I'm sorry that there's so much going on in your space, and i can't seem to participate.

Stuck in the Mud,


I appear to be on a hormonal upswing and i have discovered antihistamines yet again, so i think i may be getting a groove back. Is it just coincidence this low follows travel or is it a consistent effect? I have a hard time believing it's coincidence time after time. I have such a chalenge with time-habits; place habits seem so much easier. It seems that travel disrupts me so and then i have to start anew, and at the same time i am "recovering," demotivated and disorganized.

I suspect it's getting easier over the years as i recognize patterns and work to balance them.

Meanwhile i am developing odd skin irritations. I am beginning to be worried about bed bugs in one of the hotels i was in, as the irritations don't seem like my usual skin irritations. One particularly odd inflammation on my neck certainly matches a cheery google image search. I will be highly irritated if i brought them home (literally and figuratively). In fascinating Wikipedia reading, apparently bedbugs were suggested as a treatment for hysteria.

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