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Aaaannnddd, i'm in Chicago. The inbound flight, with the plane on which i was to depart Columbus, left their origination point after i was supposed to leave Columbus. My two hour connection at O'Hare was not sufficient. I decided i was putting the overnight on the company since i'd worked until 4 pm without a lunch break on Friday. The Marriott suite i'm in is the most luxurious and cheapest place i've stayed on this trip. And by luxury, i mean the furniture and crown molding and pretty doors and the room lay out. No fluffy robe. I really would have liked a fluffy robe. However, i had a long soak and i am slowly eating a breakfast in the room.

I note that the Ohio Embassy Suites in-room tea bags were a more elegant brand, i think, but they were all Earl Grey, so i used my stash of red rose bags. Here, i am without my main piece of luggage and so i am making do with the Taylors of Harrowgate English Breakfast Tea (by appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales).

Did you know that in England, some places blend the tea to match the water? So, harder or softer water, every locale can have a decent cuppa? I can't wait to be home and make a decent pot of tea.

I coped with the cold by taking many Alka Seltzer Cold gel capsules yesterday; looks like i'll need some this morning too. My colleagues could tell when i needed to take another dose during the work day as my head congested and my voice became comically all stuffed up.

I have not thought about my career "purpose clarity" work except to ask myself in moments to be aware of my somatic experience of delight with the sunrise or snow. I think i am becoming aware of a "lightness of heart" that is different form the simple sense of being relaxed. I suppose i can experiment right now, and observe my physical response to the thought of being home with Christine. If i label, i would note "relief" as much as "joy."

Here's hoping for a gentle flight home....

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