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Hi! I am not "back" yet, but i have a few moments this morning for a very quick check in with myself.

The days in the Tampa area with my sister visiting my grandmother and other family were lovely, but i really didn't have any time to focus. My mornings were spent getting over the time switch and driving. Our second day we left to be down with my grandmother early, and she slept in that day. I loved the time with my sister; i'm delighted we are so close. However, i didn't have any journaling time.

I arrived in Ohio very late on Sunday night. My phone's power died overnight so the alarm didn't go off to wake me Monday morning. Yesterday morning i spent migrating software from my old work computer to my new one. This morning i went through my personal email.

The hotel i am in is just lovely except the refrigerator freezes my food overnight. Frozen boiled eggs just don't work. Fortunately i have instant oatmeal from making breakfast in the hotel room in Florida.

My grandmother is doing wonderfully well for 96 years old. I think that now that her husband is on the mend, her spirits have returned. I suspect that the thought of living out last years alone and dependent on "strangers" was depressing, on top of the grief over the near loss of her beloved.

I thought about lessons for my own aging, and not letting pride keep one from acknowledging one's failing physical form seems to be important. Both my mother's father and father's mother have reached 95 in their own homes, which i know is a blessing. Some of theses assisted living places aren't dreadful, however, and living where one can slowly turn for assistance as time goes by seems sensible. Of course, i don't own my own home, so there's that.

Grandmama is a little hard of hearing, i think, and she's not admitting it. I mentioned it to my father: he wanted to explain it as one getting one's thoughts set a certain way and not really listening. This is somewhat typical of my parents: they often interpret folks behavior as stubbornness and rarely seem to look for other explanations.

Well, must run to the day's meetings.

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