E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

"Start each day with expectation, end each with gratitude." I reread some advice i'd squirreled away for myself.

I suppose looking at the coming two weeks as an unwelcome roller coaster ride is a frame that won't shape my experiences well. I loved actual roller coasters as a kid, think fondly of them now, but never really liked the theme parks in which they are found.

And it's not entirely true. I can and will have the opportunity to pace myself. So maybe this is a chance to see if i can transform the sense that i displace my whole sense of being when i travel.

So today, i expect i will be able to plow through all sorts of details. There may be Surprise Meetings despite my blocking the day clear, but i should be able to settle in with my responsibilities after this three day weekend.

I am grateful for my Meeting, despite my befuddlement when it comes to the mythic beast called community. I ponder a message from worship, a sense that i am asking the wrong thing when i ask for a leading for what i am to do next, that i should instead ask where i am to lead others. "Write a book," floats through my mind, and i respond that there are too many books. (Nota bene: When Christine talks about writing books i encourage her and do not think there are too many books.)

I feel confident in the learning journey i have been on, incredibly fortunate in being placed on the path, but i don't know that it is translatable.

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