E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Yesterday i had one of those short notice events from my boss, but it seems the short notices were sprinkled across the company. My colleague in product also got a similar "need this today" message from someone else.

Afternoon walk down Stevens Creek trail near the Moffett intersection

I put in a work day, mostly on east coast time, then went for my walk. I remain astounded at how many species i can find to document in a little saunter of three thousand plus paces, and how long the documentation can take, I spent around five hours on sorting through photos and scrambling through botanical descriptions. Eventually, i pulled myself to a halt, and went back to work to create the document needed by noon Eastern today.

Afternoon walk down Stevens Creek trail near the Moffett intersection

I need to pay for and make my first appointment to begin the Clarity program. There are projects similar to the botanical research in which i could engage in the same way: is there a calling for me out there?

Tags: clarity program, morning writing

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