E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Well, the onslaught will begin in 15 minutes or so. I left my work laptop on the VPN overnight so it could collect all the email from during my vacation and i could begin triage when i start work. I'm suspecting the 7 am meeting will not happen: it never does. However, on the off chance that today of all days it will, i'll be ready.

I noticed that a ornamental flowering fruit tree had blossomed a gentle pink while i was away the four days. The grey, chill wet day was punctuated by hail, and i wonder how the blossoms survived. There are bright California poppies popping up in fallow margins between sidewalks and streets. This morning the Mt Hamilton camera shows the mountain top graced with snow, evergreen branches flocked and the hillsides as white as the observatory domes.


The larger 7 am meeting didn't happen, but the European manager did show up and we had a good half hour chat. So, that's probably the best i can ever expect.

Tags: morning writing, perpetual calendar, work

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