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Summary: I'm grumbly and worried about Christine.


I wonder how much of the internet is filled with webpages that just host garbage and scam advertising. A domain name parker has renewed the domain name very much like mine (it just doesn't have a hyphen). It's been a host to feline related advertising links since 2003.

Monday afternoon i felt the impact of waves of depression. On Tuesday i shut down to ignore the waves of depression and became focussed on the hook knitting (knooking). I can easily point to a hormonal source, though, and yesterday i was much better. Very tired in the evening, but much better.

Christine is struggling with some classroom dynamics and is very very blue and upset. I hate leaving her to go on the Friends retreat in Pennsylvania this weekend. If i wasn't committed to others in travel support i would probably be staying home with her, despite tickets bought.

A local Friend and i are flying to PHL on a direct flight from SFO and driving to the retreat. It seemed just as easy to me as the connections we would have to make to fly to a closer airport that is still a good drive from the site of the retreat. The travel duration is about the same as the connected flights, but doesn't have -- for me -- the stress of "Will the 55 minute connection in Minneapolis be long enough in February?" "Will i be stuck in Detroit?" I am actually looking forward to getting in the drivers seat of the rental to drive to the Poconos -- even in the dark. I have a feeling that at that moment my face will light up with the sense of being on vacation.

I am also looking forward to being away from work. We had another crisis yesterday. Not production, thank heavens, but it illustrated how colse we are to having a similar crisis in production.

I'm taking Tuesday off before going back to work, as well, and hope to have some sweet time with Christine then. Today she'll be at class all evening.

Then i have another flight east on 7 March. I hate flying cross country. Grumble.

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