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Nutella: any more nutritional value than cans of grocery store icing?


I've been puttering this morning with Amazon's Cloud Services. It seems to be one of those simple tasks that spread into a web of to-dos. Ah, i can't simply do what i want with CNAMEs, i'll have to use Amazons DNS service Route 53. Ah, i should use the multifactor security: let me download the app. Ah, i'm going to need their particular barcode scanner because i won't be able to type in the manual string precisely.... and so it goes.

Ugh, i've forgotten how long the TTL (time to live) on name servers could be. I have no idea how long the TTL is on previous DNS host; it's 48 hours at Amazon. Ah! But until it propagates the mail records from the old server will continue to route mail. *whew*

Well, Sometime early next week Google will crawl the new "underconstruction" stub.


In Career Counselor news, i spoke with "Mikey" last night. I think there are some very specific ways he could help me at a later date, so i'm glad i chatted with him. If i was to bail from the Whale asap, i think he could help me make a rapid transition. I think i first want to do the deeper discernment process with the Purpose Clarity Coach. And given she's much less expensive than the original coach, all is good.


... and i forgot to post before getting working today. However, my DNS nameserver change seems to have succeeded pretty quickly and my website has a minimal greeting up now: http://wheresitup.com/results/51159de4d33116994f0001a2

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