E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Besides sinus pain, other disappointments yesterday included that i had not heard back from the career counsellor whose website i liked, and the "Mikey" career counsellor missed our 2 pm call and tried to call after 5. This morning i contacted the first career counsellor through her form on her website. That produced results! I have an appointment for a 4:30 pm phone call with her. I have also agreed to chat with "Mikey" on Thursday.


Well, i stayed up late. New yarn arrived: Jojoland Rhythm. It's for a simple pattern -- covering a purse Christine loves but which has flaking leatherette. The purse is a simple square so the cover will be straightforward. Christine watched a Mission Impossible movie, and i stitched up around a hundred yards of yarn while watching with her.

Meanwhile, i forgot that the Quarterly install is tonight. I may get called in a few hours about an emergency.

Uff, i'm an idiot. I knew there was something i was forgetting.

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