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I will now claim i have sinusitis, and i'm willing to go so far as to say it's been four weeks. My nasal passages are clear, but my sinuses have been draining heavy mucus off and on for weeks. My sense of smell and taste are impaired (better than they were for a while, but still) and i have tides of feeling malaise. Fie!


We had ISO 9001 training yesterday, which had some somewhat tautological definitions of Quality Management Systems. As far as our motivation, I find this statement somewhat backwards, "[The Whale] is committed to attain and maintain its ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications because the benefits are immense. These certifications promote [The Whale's] commitment to produce secure, quality, products and services for its members."


Dinner with D's brother was pleasant, but because i didn't frame my expectations to him, i didn't really get to drive the questioning. The frame he brought was a "who can i connect you to" frame, which will be useful, when i know what direction i am going. I was more curious about, "What is work life like outside my limited scope?"

(Ugh, i still haven't posted this. Off it goes)

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