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Saturday, just as i was getting into the swing of things, i knocked my new iPad off my desk, to find i'd broken the charger, snapping the "lightning" plug off in the socket. Yes, Apple has come up with yet a different USB connector. Not a mini USB, of which we have so many, nor a micro USB, which we need for our phones, no a "lightning" USB which is truly tiny and, apparently, quite easy to snap off.

I was in a funk that afternoon, i thought brought on by breaking something new. Then we took a break to watch a science fiction film. The Penitent Man had Lance Hendrikson, so that seemed attractive.... but it wasn't really what we wanted. I assume this is the writing/directing/producing debut of the writer/director/producer and, really, do only one. All of the budget clearly went to Lance, except i imagine he's the sort of actor who might of donated his time to some people getting started. My superpower of figuring out the plot trajectory kicked in very early, Christine claimed the movie didn't start for twenty minutes. I asked her if she wanted to watch something else, but she wanted to stick with the film: then she fell asleep.

That didn't help the funk.

Yet by that point i was wondering if i would turn out to be right. There were some interesting choices for primary colors in the psychiatrist's office that did lead me to wonder if someone had actually planned that set or if someone really had that in their office. (It really seemed like they'd gotten the load of an office on a Saturday or Sunday to shoot.)

Shortly after we went back to the day, i realized i hadn't taken my antidepressants that morning: it was an impressive illustration of the power of those drugs. Christine was glowing at me Sunday. Despite me feeling the dread of Monday morning (the pile of email, the state of crisis on Thursday and Friday morning), yes, i was smiling. She has seen the significant change in my mood since starting these meds, and she's delighted.

This morning i've awakened to a sore throat. I think i've been fighting the cold a colleague came down with a week or so ago and passed on to three other folks. I'm happy that i do seem to be fighting it. I'd developed a suspicion that my immune system had gotten lazy; of course the other suspicion was that with the latest depression, a cold didn't have far to kick me to get my feet completely out from under me.


Last night i bought Apple's answer to Excel, Numbers. I like it so far, particularly how it manages the data in what it calls "categories," which is much like how i used Excel's pivot tables. It's more intuitive, though. It also seems to be much more structured around the concept of keeping rows together as a meaningful unit than Excel seems to by default.

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