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Morning Writing

Yesterday was metaproductive, and only time will tell if it was well spent.

The iPad continues to taunt me with a "find value here" call. I am trying to find a way to read PDFs on it that feels pleasant as that is one of the issues i have with the relatively small screen of my phone. I've a number of pdf Quaker newsletters that i read quickly and not reflectively because i haven't had a way to put them in an existing reading flow.

Now that there is a reading mount on the stationary bike and the iPad exists, i should be riding far more frequently. It was this time last year that i took to walking around the pool, reading on my phone, and by May i was having tendonitis issues. This year, i can start again with the bike.

One of the iPad inspired tools i've found is called "Pocket." This discovery has definitely been a win for me. Pocket has plugins and apps for all sorts of browsers and operating systems, and it syncs across devices. Thus, before bed, i'm using my laptop to read news headlines, encounter a few stories i to which i want to give more attention than i have at the moment, and i flag them for Pocket. This morning, i'm able to easily return to them on Pocket on my phone. Pocket streamlines and reformats the text, stripping adds, so it is much easier to read, particularly on small form factors. The stories are also waiting on the iPad.

Will i become more intentional in my reading with these tools?


The morning included a brunch out as part of a support committee for a Friend (and friend). She seems to be in a place i recognize all too well: that place of knowing the way forward, but not being able to move forward because of anger and other unresolved issues. I'm not sure what support looks like in that case. Regrettably i felt the conversation change to a bit of a venting session between two of the women about issues.... and i recognize it as the stereotypically female conversation where one just wants to vent, but not solve.

I recognize that the reason one isn't interested in solution brainstorming is often because one knows the solution, or is sorting out the solution as part of a greater problem that isn't to be discussed. For example, one could vent about a child's behavior, knowing that part of the child's issues are also related to the alcoholism of another family member. One may not want to share the greater context.

Still, it's a hard place for me to engage. Other than listening politely and perhaps offering up a few facts (such that, yes, the apple store keeps credit card information, so purchases can be made with little fuss once it's entered), i don't know where to go in the conversation.

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