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The crush of the week is behind me: now for a hopefully productive weekend preparing for next week's planning.

I had a snarl filled day yesterday: i had been listening to "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team" as i drove into work, and reflecting on the advice given for how teams should make decisions.

I am so used to my boss and i being on a team -- not a defined team, but the behavior being that of a team -- i suppose i should consider that New Director doesn't think he and i are on a team. If i reframe all our interactions as ... well i can't think of a respectful framing of a relationship that doesn't have a goal of building a relationship of working (or playing or living) well together. A long time ago my therapist and i discussed my relationship with him -- it was before he was my boss -- and concluded if he was a client for "my company" i would have quit working with him once the pattern of his untrustworthiness was clear.

So, i still churn on his untrustworthiness: i wish i could quit. I kept telling my self, "But i'm not dwelling on it," but obviously i am. The best i can do, it seems, is mutter, "I wonder what will happen under the new president," and try to move on.

The other snarls included trying to call into a meeting where the phone bridge didn't get open: fortunately the meeting with the VP was canceled so i could attend the meeting when they realized they needed to reconvene it.

Then there was getting forms from my doctor to the "Disability Claims" agency that monitors absences for three days and longer. The medical records office at the medical clinic apparently has mysterious and hidden rules. I understand all the paperwork, but why the process isn't more transparent is a mystery to me.

However, by 5 pm i was done, a bow tied around the major issues of the day. I called Christine and we went our to dinner as a little celebration. I ended up having a treat of a mango mojito, and that pretty much ended the day for me.

I'm not experiencing my sense of taste or smell.

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