E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

new director

Oh, look at the New Director repeat! Or don't: it's yesterday redux but not at 7 am at least.

[2013Jan10 8:50:08 AM] [New Director]: yt?
[2013Jan10 8:50:40 AM] [New Director]: with our meeting with [VP] later this afternoon, do we (you and i) still need to touch base @ noon today?
[2013Jan10 8:50:59 AM] [New Director]: if we don't need to, i will be delighted to use that time towards [partnership] fiasco (financial side of things)
[2013Jan10 8:51:06 AM] [New Director]: and get those sorted out for [president] and [other VP]
[2013Jan10 8:51:08 AM] [New Director]: let me know

Tags: new director

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