E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I think i forgot my antihistamine today.

San Joaquin NWR at sunrise

We had a delightful morning, leaving around 6:30, watching a red sunrise in the foggy and hazy central valley, arriving in the denser tule fog around the San Joaquin river, and taking a long walk in the brisk air. Actually, brisk is probably the wrong word: it was about 33° when we arrived. We noticed that it had warmed up by the time we left: Weather Underground says it went up to 36°.

The trail took us through a interesting wetland landscape, but there were no significant waterfowl. We did see rabbits, both jack rabbits (actually hares) and brush rabbits. I saw a raccoon trundle across the trail while Christine was shooting moody images of the trees in the wetland. We heard lots of quail, and eventually flushed a flock. After our walk (pedometer registered over 5000 paces), we drove to an observation platform. There one could look out and see a wall of fog, but the sounds of cackling geese filled the air. For a few moments it seemed we were surrounded by geese, as if the flock was flying over and around us. I couldn't see a single silhouette.

We had a fine brunch in Tracy and arrived home around 12:30. Somehow the rest of the day just drifted away from me.

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