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Happy New Year [observe, health, morning writing]

Thank you for sharing your lives and thoughts with me!

In the continuing strange story of me switching my clothing style on a dime, i was so delighted to find in Nordstrom Rack tights in my size. I noted the brand name, expecting i could track them down again: "Free Press." I am stunned by how many articles have been written about wearing tights.

Dear makers of tights:

Are color pigments so dear that you can not afford to make larger size tights in bright colors? Or do you think people with larger legs wear only black and mocha/espresso/coffee/brown?

I would have bought bright colors had you had them.


I do feel awash, still, this season. It's the new year: really? My holidays are over tomorrow: already? I awoke in the wee hours this morning, thinking of the depression expressed by several of my staff, and i feel helpless. I feel ineffective and bypassed by decision makers in Ohio.

I don't know how i will leave or change this job, but that's my focus. I don't feel guided -- but do i ever feel that guided? It is more in retrospect that i am surprised how opportunity presented. What i have felt is certainty that i was in the right place. I suppose what is happening now is that i feel more and more certain i am in the wrong place.


Yesterday was one of those days where i sure feel like i did nothing, and feel life slipping away, but i didn't want to do anything. On the other hand: we did the grocery run, socialized for almost two hours, i mended a sweater, posted two thank you notes!, and i continued knitting (knooking) a cotton yarn hand towel for the bathroom while listening to the end of my Bloody Jack audio book.

Sinus drainage continues: i feel like i've lost my sense of taste. Food isn't particularly attractive. I will try a nasal rinse today (after purifying the water, since the last time i used it i creeped myself out learning about the lovely parasites that can get into ones brain that way).

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