E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Yesterday's back to work was hard. I was quite dull, but i think i made a reasonable pass through email and got some dread paperwork done. Huzzah.

In the evening i went shopping with my grandmother's gift money, shopping from the recliner. I hope the stuff i ordered fits. I didn't think to check the return policy.... but it's quite reasonable. Huzzah. I picked out a beautiful cobalt blue cardigan and have sense been at etsy looking for cobalt blue earrings. I was noticing sparkly drop earrings, the same cut and the same setting over and over again. It appears those must be fairly standard components. I now have a list of favorites that has been mostly purged of stock components and seem to have more unique offerings. I can't decide on sparkly crystal or the other offerings: an agate (dyed?), glass with stars and moon in vermille, matte glass.... The sparkles beckon!

Off to stock up on Dayquil and enjoy the empty roads on the commute.

Tags: clothing, morning writing

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