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The Speed of Trust

I'm thinking of my exposure to the concepts in The Speed of Trust today as i ponder the paperwork and doctors visit i need to have if i'm out sick three days in a row. The fundamental concept is that lack of trust builds in expense. If there's trust, there's no need for a great deal of documentation.

So here i am trying to decide if i need to go see my doctor and get a "return to work" form that will allow me to take three sick days in a row. The form is needed because some employees can't be trusted and some employers can't be trusted.

And about 45 minutes later i have gone through the doctor's appointment process and the call to make a FMLA claim. ("Will you be making a disability claim?" "No, it's a COLD.... Sorry, i know you have to ask.") I wonder how many folks blow this off. I blew it off last year.

My company must pay for the FMLA overhead: the poor schumck who got to speak to my charming self, the phone tree i had to navigate a couple times. Insurance gets to cover some large chunk of my visit to the doctor to have them say, "Rest, fluids." (They aren't on the zinc bandwagon.) I pay the co-pay.


Last year i wrote on the 20th, "Today, first of three vacation days, i woke with my throat still feeling as if someone dragged glass shard encrusted wire down it. How does a viscous liquid cause such discomfort? The sore throat has been since Saturday. "

I suppose if i don't have laryngitis and don't have to have a chest x-ray this year, it will all be a win.

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